COVID-19 solutions

Automated capacity control

This solution controls the capacity of people inside your store in real time.

  • Automatic notifications in real time to identify the maximum capacity.
  • Capacity interface end-customer focused.
  • Online platform with reports.
  • Optional totem with capacity visualization and user manual at every entrance.
  • Constant  monitoring and support to guarantee its perfect use.


Automated solution for measuring body temperature, face mask use and attendance register of authorized personnel in real time.  

  • Body temperature measurement from a safe distance and no contact, with 40 to 70 cm range and with +-0,3°C accuracy.
  • Face mask use, automatically generated alerts of recognition.
  • Attendance monitoring, by using face recognition technology it is possible to monitor authorized personnel attendance.
  • Online platform with access to historical information containing statistical analysis.
  • Constant monitoring and support in order to guarantee 100% functioning.
  • Automated alerts in case there are anomalies when measuring body temperature and face mask use (remote or in situ configurable notifications)
FollowUP Customer Experience


It is everyone’s responsibility to avoid transmission and spread of the pandemic. You will reduce the likelihood of contagion amongst your team members by using our online platform as an internal means of communication and training.

  • Personalized training processes.
  • Online platform dedicated to the brand and accessible from any device.
  • Progress monitoring of each of the users.
  • Constant monitoring and support in order to ensure 100% functioning.

Easy upload and download of content in different formats.



Task monitoring system to maintain sanitary protocol fulfillment in an efficient, fast and reliable way. TaskingUP is the perfect tool to constantly apply all health protocols.

  • Automatic alerts of protocols to be carried out in real time.
  • Individual tasks App which can be used as a guide for fulfilling security and hygiene protocols in order to avoid the spread and transmission of  the virus.
  • Task assignment to specific users.
  • Constant monitoring and support to ensure 100% functioning.