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Deliver unforgettable omnichannel experiences to your customers.

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FollowUP Customer Experience

We accompany the client in the implementation of strategic omnichannel solutions to ensure a positive impact on business results through a retail analytics model that identifies opportunities for improvement in the Pre-Purchase, Purchase and Post-Purchase experience.

Through different technologies, we can obtain data on consumer behavior and then compare it with the data provided by the customer.

Shopping malls and retailers
manage their assets smartly.

Conversion Management

¡Discover, manage, and optimize your retail stores!

Through the best technology identifies in real time the opportunities for improvement and take advantage of the potential sale of your establishments.

  • Traffic flows
  • Conversion rate
  • Dwell times

FollowUP Synergy

We generate value by effectively managing each step of the consumer sales funnel in the mall, through disruptive information such as:

  • Proximity traffic
  • Capture rate
  • Store traffic
  • Conversion rate and mall benchmark

Employee Management

!It has teams of highly competitive! Increases the conversion through the intelligent management of your sales team.

  • Assignment goals
  • Individual Coaching and training plan
  • Management of tasks in the shop
  • Conversion Management

  • FollowUP Synergy

  • Employee Management

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