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Beacons: 5 advantages of using them in the shops

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The high-tech accompanies a daily basis to customers and this can be a factor in your favor at the time of selling, that's why we recommend you to pay close attention to this post to understand the benefits of the Beacons.

As is known to all in the retail industry, every time there are major efforts that we need to do to capture the attention of customers and provide them the best experiencebut in this interconnected world and overwhelmed by the everyday use of the technologies, they are sometimes unsuccessful in these efforts.

The use of the cell phone has become something of a massive and permanent, which has been used by the retailers to obtain valuable data to understand their customers better. However, they also represent a dangerous item distractor at the moment that a customer walks into the store and ignores everything in its path.

Luckily, the retail industry is accustomed to the changes and know how to take advantage of a supposed weakness and convert it into an element of play to your favor.

What are Beacons?

Each time, in a greater extent, consumers are distracted and makes it more difficult to get their attention. Here is where the Beacons can change the forms of interaction of the store with the customer, improving the experience for both.

Beacons it is a small device and economic, which emits a signal of Bluetooth low energy. These devices are about the size of a label and can be placed in almost any location within a store.

The device sends a transmission system that interacts with the store app, which allows for a better development of the proximity marketing and a customer experience more personalized. This technology is ideal to offer discounts and rewards, as well as to make personalized recommendations.

The Beacons, also known as beacons are not new in the scene of the technology retailer, but since its inception in the year 2010, the companies have been slow to embrace it. For the year 2016, the use in the shops of the beacons began to grow, and since then the major companies in the retail took note of its importance.

Advantages of the use of Beacons in the shop

  1. Enables retailers to create more personalized experiences for customers, thereby deepening their relationships.
  2. Allow you to create messages more personalized. Also, you can activate the ad in function of the proximity of a customer to the store, this helps to overcome some of the physical limitations that are commonly present in the physical stores.
  3. The follow-up of the habits and buying preferences allows retailers access to data consumers insightful. For example, retailers can analyze what day of the week and time of day in that it is more likely that buyers can download and use certain coupons.


From there, you can take a look at the demographic data and other connection points, and even match them with other items that have been purchased for the same trip.

  1. Beacons is a technology accessible in comparison with other hardwares and softwares available in the market of solutions for the retail sector. It is affordable to adopt because it consists only of a set of three or four transmitters linked to an application and a content management system.

The technology is also relatively easy to configure, install and start using, so that a product is of low risk and it's worth a try.

  1. Buyers often download applications in their smart phones and forget about its existence. Notifications triggered by beacons not only act as a reminder, but also increases the interest in the use of the app to be generators of really useful information for the customers.




Retailers can use the Beacons to deliver content highly relevant to the customers in specific locations within or around their shops. At the same time, collects information of the real world that you can connect with data tracking of online behavior to better understand the journey of the customers.

Its use is recommended as part of a strategy omnicanal carefully planned, that has as the epicenter of the client above all else.

The retailers must provide a consistent customer experience across all channels, which requires that the data is collected at each stage of the customer journey.

The beacons or smart Beacons  can be used as tools highly effective in the shop to provide an experience omnicanal and get a better view of the customer journey within it.

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