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The 5 main characteristics of the consumer omnicanal

consumidor omnicanal

The trend in retail today requires a true understanding of buyers and we can talk about the existence of a new kind of client called as consumer omnicanal. In this post, we invite you to get to know them.

The use of strategies omnicanalidad are every time more common in the retail industrythrough them you find that regardless of the channel used by the client, the platform can recognize the location of the consumer and to send a marketing message relevant, personalized, and you will be able to guide you through the buying process, orienting them towards the best decision possible.

What is the omnicanalidad?

When we refer to channels in retail, we're talking about the channels or pathways of marketing open to communication with a client. This could include traditional channels such as tv commercials, print ads or radio.

However, nowadays refers primarily to the digital channels that already exist, such as the internet, social networks, mobile marketing, e-commerce platforms and even the integration of all of them with the physical store.

The omnicanalidad refers to an experience that integrates multiple channels that are used to lead the consumer omnicanal to a purchase. The professionals of the applied marketing to the retail work to optimize the customer experience via apps, new formats and innovations for the interaction.

What is a consumer omnicanal?

Be omnicanal means a lot more to be available to the customer in all the existing channels. Consumers not only respond to the strategies of omnicanalidadbut who expect to live a perfect experience, relating to its whim, an e-commerce site along with your store retail favorite closer.

To cater successfully to the consumer omnicanal is required to provide you with information unified, making them feel that there are no differences between buying in the very physical store, or from your mobile phone.

The personalized treatment  through each of the available channels allows to better identify the preferences of each buyer, by allowing the retailer to know if this purchase only products of renowned brands, if your product selection is based on the discounts and even identify their favorite colors to wear.

Suppose that a consumer omnicanal go to the store and don't get the color or the size you needthe omnicanalidad allows that specific product that will guarantee the satisfaction of the customer can be located in the inventory of other stores and delivered hours after in the comfort of your home.

The main idea is in order to ensure that 100% of satisfaction that, according to specialized studies billion consumers in the world still expect to achieve.

What are their main characteristics?

  1. The customer wants no matter when, where or how you decide to buy, you can generate a experience omnicanal transparent, with mixtures of localized and personalized deals.
  2. A client omnicanal differs from a consumer's traditional in terms of its closeness with the technology, so expect the store to respond to paradigms more complex, as for example:
  • Buy online and pick up in store.
  • Book online for a product and pick it up in the store.
  • Buy in the physical store and to send home.
  • Buy in a store and send it to another store.
  • Buy it online while in the physical store.
  1. Feel that your store is really known to the customer is critical to the consumer omnicanal, since you like to feel identified, profiled, well advised, motivated, and rewarded for their loyalty.
  2. Regardless of the channel used to make a purchase, the customer expects that there is variation in the cost, as would otherwise be a limiting factor when choosing your channel of purchase.
  3. Finally, the whole is summed up in that the client wants to feel located in the center of the universe retailer, is to say that everything is designed in function of their maximum satisfaction.


The consumer omnicanal responds to the needs arising from the new times, a progressive process of linking with the technology that has allowed him to experiment processes that have facilitated the traditional process of going to the shop, leading him to opt for remote purchases, or even to mix the use of the various channels available.

The retail sector has been able to display these new needs, developing technological solutions that meet the demands of their buyers, with the understanding that their clients are the key driver of its business, and therefore must make them feel they are very important to the shop.

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