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Clienteling: what it is and how it changed the industry retail


If you bring the shopping experience to another level is, the clienteling is the technological solution that your store needs. Find out how to customize and enhance the experience in this post.

With the passing of the years our society has evolved in its way of thinking, in the management and technological development, and to a large extent it has been adapted to a hectic life in which the immediacy has become an item of great importance.

This can be seen easily in terms of access to information, as well as in day to day activities, such as shopping.

But despite the fact that the customer has become accustomed to a life accelerated, many long to return to live old shopping experiences where the treatment was much more human and personal.

That is to say, to go to traditional stores located in some corner near the house, where the customer and the seller built a long relationship in which they knew all your preferences.

It is for this reason that the industry retail aware of the need to provide an experience much more personal to your customers been found in the technology as an ally to take customization to a new level, in which customer satisfaction is guaranteed, it is called Clienteling and then you will know all its details.

What is the clienteling?

From the theoretical point of view we can define the clienteling as a method by which the store via your fuerza de venta establishes long-term relationships with their customerson the basis of their preferences, behavior and buying habits.

The premise used by the clienteling consists in the collection and use of customer data, using as a model the experience of the e-commerce, an approach that has gained an amazing growth thanks to its ability to accompany and guide the customer during your online shopping experience.

This means that through clienteling are looking for bring to the retail physical advantages of e-commerce to be able to compete on more equal, thus being able to meet the needs of those buyers with internet access.

This is possible through the use of technological devices that allow you to have access to the information of the customer in real-time, facilitating the work to the vendors, to obtain information, answer questions and give advice to both consumers demand.

The clienteling is revolutionizing the retail industry

The clienteling has made it possible to reach a new level in terms of the customization and proximity to the buyer in the store, through a strategy of marketing individual that offers a 360°view of all the available data for each client, just as if it were an online platform.

In this case, the strength of sales of the store takes on a leadership role, to be the link between the client and the source of the informationbeing an essential pillar to provide a improved experience to the buyer.

An aspect of great importance is that unlike the classic experience of retail trade where the human factor can break the link easily in the absence of a single seller that knows the preferences of the client. Through clienteling is made possible build an unbreakable bondsince all the data is stored in a cloud you will have access to any sales representative.

Other of its biggest benefits are the easily check stock of a product to inform the client in that branch to get it and even book it and pay without the need of the long rows and without even having set foot in the place, making easier the process of buying and adapting it to their time availability and convenience.


Today's consumers of retail can enjoy the experience much more personal and interactive with the sales staff to the hour of going to a store. This is possible thanks to the development of technologies that to reduce the gap between the online trading and retailer a “traditional”.

By having the right technology and reliable information, the clienteling is shown as a tool that allows your shoppers experience the future of retail.

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