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Display clothes in a shop to attract customers

exhibir ropa en una tienda

In Latin america it is well known the saying “what is not exhibited is not sold” and in retail is a phrase validates, especially if displaying clothes at a store it is. Discover for here!

The fashion industry is a business at a rapid pace changes every six months in conjunction with the seasons, the new styles and colors are popular in the spring, but then they are replaced by something completely different in the fall.

When you open a clothing store, you have to be up to date with the latest fashion trends and above all have a very clear strategy to implement to display clothes in a shop, whether you run a boutique is more than just hanging the clothes on a rack.

Choose the correct merchandise for a clothing store and assess it correctly are important steps for the success, but they are just two of the many keys to maximizing sales.

Once customers are in the store, you must show products  so that increase the chances of purchase. Retailers successful have discovered a series of marketing techniques basic that you can incorporate in your store to optimize revenues and profits.

5 recommendations on how to display clothing at a store

 1. Create the correct flow

The more buyers they pass by your store, the more articles you see, what that could stimulate impulse purchases, which is why it is advisable to design the physical plant in a way that encourages customers to move from the front to the back of the store.

Place the items most sold in the back, or placed there the box. Alternate your hallways instead of creating rows of equal length for the customers to move.

You may already ayas seen this trick used by grocery stores, rearrange your shop every three to six months for the customers regular can't go directly to the article that have come to buy.

2. Use of equipment for exhibition of clothing

Uses a variety of equipment to display the clothing, such as tables, shelves, floor, wall shelves, bulletin boards, cabinets, shelves, walkways, mannequins and kiosks.

tienda de ropa

For example the mannequins allow customers to see an outfit and specific items that you want to promote. Then, the clients are moved to a table or shelf to choose the size and color correct the article you want to buy.

3. Merchandising vertical

The marketing vertical it is a technique of stacking retail items on top of each other to increase cross-selling. For example, if you have a stack of four shelves, instead of placing sweaters in the four shelves from top to bottom, put shirts on the top row, sweaters in the second row, pants on the third row and accessories in the bottom row.

Another way to use the marketing vertical is to place categories of items that go together in the exhibitions, such as articles for men, casual wear, sports wear or those that have the discount season.

Another option for the marketing vertical is to stack sweaters from top to bottom, then, together with them, stack, blouses, and then the pants. Keep the most important items at eye level or on the top row, to catch the attention of the customer.

4. Shopping cross

When you create departments or sections in a clothing storeas areas for men, women, and children, group the items in exhibit tables, mannequins or kiosks to increase the chances of shopping crusades.

For example, if you have a section for jackets, includes some pants or skirts, neckties, scarves, bags and socks that combine with jackets.

5. Visual Merchandising

Highlight designers, assemblies, parts or accessories that are specific to through special designs meant to attract the attention of buyers who roam the store. In addition to group items within the store, use this technique to create showcases interesting able to do to stop passers-by who might not have come even to the store.

The exhibits of the store can also help to promote a public holiday, season or new styles.

For this task, it is recommended to make use of the tool Visual Merchandising  that allows you to call the attention of the customers through the design of attractive window displays.

The technology can help a lot to get the most out of Visual Merchandising since there is an innovative tool designed specifically for the retail industry called Lab Retail it provides the possibility to test the possible results of the application of the new shop in a shop.


Understand the techniques display clothes in a shop it is vital to be able to convert the greatest number of sales possible, because as in any other business, customers should be encouraged to make purchases that go beyond a simple item.

To the extent that you make use of the techniques and strategies available, the customer will appreciate the experience and reward to the store with his faithfulness and advertising voluntary recommend others to go to buy their costumes in our shop.

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