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How do you know if you are Phygital?

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Since the emergence of the Internet, retail sales have migrated from 100% physical sales to multichannel sales, where digital became relevant and other sales channels gradually appeared and are now very powerful.
Selling through social networks, WhatsApp (channel took on significance during the pandemic COVID-19), mobile apps, catalogs, distributors, among others, opened up a new direction for the retailers, which have been faced with dynamic changes and very rapid during the last few decades.


Now, be multi-channel is no longer enough. The existence of different channels does not makes sense when these are not easily integrated, you do not tell a consistent message and unison to the client, but even more so when the shopping experience is lost for any reason.


The omnicanalidad is a MUST to be competitive in the industry. And without much time to react to this demand of the consumer, is born a new concept, the “phygital”, which is intended to complement the physical experience with the digital time, achieving a close relationship, and costumizada with our client.


If you answer yes to more than four of the following questions, then you are Phygital!


Do you have a system of “Click & Collect”?
Shopping in your digital environment and collect in-store to compliment the experience.

Do you give the customer the option to customize your product via the kiosk in store?
Go to the shop, test, and knows your product, customize it as you want, and purchase without row through the kiosk or Tablet. The order will arrive to your home.

Do you already have a system of loyalty that allows to integrate the client with the attendees of the store?
To send a message through the messaging systems that connect the customer with the equipment in the shop for questions, returns or exchanges facilitates the experience phygital.

Do you implement technology beacons in your store?
With this Bluetooth device localizas and tracking the consumer through their device to perform activations, discounts, among others, in real-time.

Do you have payment methods to digital within your store?
Some customers like to pay for the app or a QR code.

What your store has testers virtual?
Put your store mirrors smart to interact and test the product, and even suggests how to combine your parts.

If you want to know more about how to be Phygital, contact one of our sales representatives!





17 Nov 2023

Me parece valiosa esta información.


17 Nov 2023

Me encanta este contenido


17 Nov 2023

A mi tambien me encanta


21 Nov 2023

Hola, me encanta.

Miguel Ángel,

14 Dec 2023

Excelente contenido! Así mismo debemos prepararnos para entender mejor esta información de cara a ser más efectivos en el cómo aprovechar los recursos para obtener el máximo de valor, más aún cuando las experiencias se diversifican

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