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What are the companies of the retail world's largest?

empresas de retail mas grandes del mundo

To grow in this industry it is important to identify its leading exponents, that is why we recommend to pay attention to this post to get to know the companies of retail largest in the world.

The retail trade there is always in the whole world, either through small shops, supermarkets and giant department stores. Regardless of the difference in meters, brands, audience targeted, and even your geographical localization, they all share the same goal.
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The mission of the retail store of today is in the customer satisfaction through unique experiences, designed to win the preference of the client and therefore ensure better sales revenue.

Companies of retail in the world's most important

The retail companies in the u.s. and europe dominate the ranks of the largest retailers that are listed on the main stock exchanges of the planet. The majority of these are global companies that have vast distribution networks and thousands of retail locations throughout the world.

On the basis of sales data and other studies conducted by firms prestigious in the field of finance international, we have developed a ranking that summarises the main companies of retail largest in the world.

Top 6 of the companies of the retail world's largest

While retail continues to change, with several names of well-known track record in the retail industry in bankruptcy during 2018, some of the stores that are best positioned are kept occupying positions of honor.

1. Walmart

Historically, Walmart, remains the world's largest retailer, and the number 1 among retailers in lists so prestigious as the Forbes Global 2000, although it slipped slightly in the overall rankings at #24 of the #17 in 2016.

However, in 2017, the company continued its strategy of positioning in the market e-commerce, making large investments in the purchase of major brands in its purpose to establish itself in this sector.

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. it is the biggest retailer in the world by a substantial margin, the company reported worldwide income of $ 485.7 billion for its fiscal year 2015, an increase year after year, approximately 2%, it also operates a total of 11,453 stores in 27 countries around the world.

2., Inc. is the online retail world's most important, their growth is noticeable, Reported sales of approximately us $ 89 billion for the 2014 fiscal year, an increase of around 19.5% in the previous period.

The company operates 14 sites web retailer specific to each country and delivers products to customers from all over the world. About 62% of the sales of are made outside of the united States of America.

The sales figures of national and international have shown a continuous growth very fast during the last few years. As of December 2015, it reached a market capitalization of USD 314 billion, the highest of any company in this list by a substantial margin.

3. Costco Wholesale Corporation

Costco is one of the strings largest retailers with operations in 9 countries, the company reported revenue of USD 112,6 billion worldwide for the fiscal year 2014. Costco operates 671 warehouses around the world, including 474 in the united States.

empresas de retail

4. Alibaba

The number four in the list of the companies of retail in the world's largest corresponds to another giant of the e-commercebut that is a great attention grabber to not be an american but also chinese: this is Alibaba.

While growth in the business of retail has been fierce, the company Jack Ma has also been strong by entering into new business lines such as cloud computing, logistics, among many other sectors.

5. PLC Tesco

We continue to see some of the other giants of the retail not estadodunidenses in the list, such is the case of Tesco PLC, a global retailer of groceries with headquarters in the United Kingdom. It is a company that operates 6,814 stores in 11 countries.

In addition to its grocery stores in Great Britain and Europe, Tesco has significant operations in Thailand, Malaysia, India and China. The company has a market capitalization of more than $ 19.9 billion.

6. Carrefour

Our list of the companies of retail in the world's largest we close with the French retailer Carrefour SA reported sales of € 74.7 billion without VAT, equivalent to approximately us $ 99.1 billion.

Carrefour operates more than 10,860 shops in 33 countries on the planet, with a variety of formats, including small convenience stores, supermarkets medium-sized and large surfaces to large-scale offering food and general merchandise.


The retail industry continues to grow with the passing of the years, being a sector billionaire who has been able to adapt to technological change and reinvent themselves by pointing to the omnicanalidad  to satisfy a greater number of customers beyond their physical stores.

Between the companies of retail in the world's largest we can find giant chain stores are of much of a tradition in the united States and other countries, such as Walmart or Carrefour, but at the same time to observe the growth of the sector e-retail,  with major companies in spite of its short history, such as Amazon or Alibaba.

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