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Strategy omnicanal: beginning of survival

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Strategy Omnicanal: industry, Retail has shown tremendous transformations.

At the beginning, or above, the purchase process was a recognition of the problem by the consumer, a search for information about products or services to solve the problem, assessment of alternatives found, the purchase of the product, and finally, the use and feelings associated with the procurement.

The process was affected by internal variables of the consumer as their motivations, their perception or their own learning. Also by external variables: the environment, social class, and his group of relationship.

With the internet, the consumer is constantly informed and have access to unlimited influencing their purchase. This changes the process in full. Because it is not linear, it is completely dynamic. On the other hand, the consumer handles a volume of information is much higher, which makes the process more accessible and continuous.

Strategy Omnicanal: The buying process

An important variable to take into account is the experience of purchase: behind any behavior, there is an excitement. The emotions are not just an additional factor to the reason and to the cost-benefit analysis, but that they are in the final push that you need a decision to be taken.


“The consumer experience is the answer internal and subjective customer of a direct or indirect manner”. This experience provides an emotional component important, difficult to extrapolate across the network. Thus was born the next challenge for the industry: the existence of a plurality of channels that are fully connected, where there is interaction and not perceive the difference between these.

Multi-channel banking

The multi-channelling is the use of the combination of channels, to connect to and interact with the consumer. So it allows you to respond as you want, as consumer multichannel do not tend to separate the forms of purchase. In addition, you don't always have a channel of choice, it depends on the occasion.

After the structuring of a multichannel system, the retailers have been faced with rapidly adopt the phenomenon of the omnicanalidad: the maximum expression of the multi-channel banking. This concept allows retailers to interact with their customers through multiple touch-points and exposing them to a combination of sensory information outside of the network and virtual content.

“The omnicanalidad is understood as the strategy of consolidation of channels integrated and aligned, which provide consumers with a user experience is smooth. Allows clients to continue with the processes that take place through any channel, an indistinct form the channel through which they started”. (Deloitte, 2016)

Differences between multichannel and omnicanalidad

In the multi-channel banking “the customer chooses different channels to contact a company, each one managed independently. In the omnicanalidad, the customer is the center, and it optimizes the efficiency of the channel, fully integrated, delivering the same look and feel, style, experience, and a consistent message among themselves”. (Moder, 2016)

Are you a retailer omnicanal?

The new challenges of the industry to not give expected. The pandemic has accelerated any initiative of retailers in strategies omnicanales that delivered the same message to the end consumer. Now, in this process, how important is technology?

The timely feedback of the system omnicanal and the immediate reaction to effective decision-making is crucial and the technology facilitates and guides this process, to the extent that it provides information that may be changed or just what you need, allows you to measure and manage improvement opportunities, optimize resources and capitalize each strategy.

Maria Camila Lizarazo
Commercial Director For Colombia

Follow UP Customer Experience

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