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What is experience in retail and how it affects the shops?

experiencia en retail

This is not only buy and sell as the secret to success in business is to leave customers satisfied and to achieve it, you need to learn how to give the best experience retail.

In the era prior to the digital revolution of today, the relationship between the physical stores of retail and their clients was essentially transactional, places to meet supply and demand.

However, as the e-commerce  continuing its growth, the role of the retail store is going to be a purely pragmatic to become something more experiential. And is that in the near future, the key to the survival of the retail will depend on its ability to act as a showcase living brands and products.

Although the e-commerce offers instant response through the search engines and intelligent and the purchase is done easily with a single click, yet this modality has not succeeded in replacing the point-of-contact sensory provided by a location of brick and cement, where customers can touch, feel and evaluate the product in person.

experiencia de compra

Experience Retail: what is it?

In simple words, the experience retail it consists of the experiences of the client from the time it arrives at the doors of the store, and sees his façade to every step in its interior, which is generating opinions, positive or negative, that will be the determining factors when deciding to return and also will be transmitted to friends and family.

Seen from a concept broader the experience retail also includes the lived in a non face-to-face in the shop, that is to say, its interaction with other channels,  either through social networks, the web, or on the platforms of online sales of retail.

To say that everything is worth the time to determine the experience retail customer, hence the need to take care of every detail to be able to cause a great first impression, and that this gets better in each of the visits to a long-standing relationship of trust and friendship.

The importance of a good experience retail

It doesn't matter if the store sells items of office or televisions, sacs design, or mattresses, a good experience of retail is essential, and even more in the current digital age.

There are two ways of doing this, the experience retail it is so powerful that it is able to make or break a company. Provide a experience retail “exalted” has a positive influence on the perception of the customer inviting them to return repeatedly.

If a customer returns to the store, obviously this will increase revenue and the results of long-term benefits. Studies show that in those cases in which a customer has a great experience, there is an 80% chance of that recommend the shop to their friends and family.

While the importance of the experience retail can not be overstated, are never more efforts are made to surprise the customer, as research shows that it is not an easy task.

Surprisingly very few customers in the retail market claim to have had fantastic experiences of shopping in the last few months, and can be measured in only 35% or one-third of the buyers, which have been claimed to have lived a experience retail extraordinary.


The new generation of retail store is pointing to its efforts to enhance the customer experience, paving the way toward a concept in which shops are employed as vehicles for marketing instead of being simple local to convert sales.

Retailers that recognize this distinction without a doubt will have an advantage in the fast-paced retail market, to keep as a premise the power to ensure the best experience retail to their customers.

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