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What are the retails largest of South america?     

retails mas grandes de Sudamerica

The retailer has seen in our region with a fast-growing positions in places of honor in terms of investment and sales, discover in this post what are the retails largest of South america.

The importance of the industry retail in Latin america and especially in South america is unquestionable, it is enough to know that the main companies in the sector come from the southern cone, having a tradition of several decades, and a capacity to adapt to the changing needs of its broad portfolio of clients.

One of the most interesting aspects of the retails in south america is its ability to adapt to such unique features of each country of the neighborhood south america, as thanks to their growth in their respective countries of origin, have been able to leverage its capital and experience to enter other territories, to the point of becoming small family businesses to large international corporations.

We can definitely speak of a story linked to the success, which turns out to be very attractive for many investors who aspire to be future be able to emulate the example of the current leaders of the retail industry in the south american region.

That's why this post we dedicated to know which with the retails largest of South america:

1. Argentina

Carrefour SA

This large French multinational corporation still maintains a strong presence in South america, despite the fact that lately has decreased its presence in the region after selling its local operations in Chile and Colombia.

However, the retailer has nearly 100 grocery stores in Argentina through wholly owned subsidiaries in the country austral.


The network of supermarkets largest in Argentina with more than 100 grocery stores. The company owns and operates a handful of shopping centers in addition to other operations, including a wholesaler of red meat that caters to restaurants, a business of animal husbandry, a slaughterhouse, and more than 30 butchers.

In addition, the company remains private and earns more than a billion dollars a year in sales, and belongs in its entirety to the prominent argentine entrepreneur Alfredo Coto.

2. Brazil

Lojas Americana SA

It is a shop for bulk discounts in the brazilian market that has more than 500 branches all around the country and reported about $ 5 billion a year in sales. In addition, the retailer is controlled by 3G Capital, the investment holding company private property of the trio of partners billionaires brazilians formed by Jorge Paulo Lemann, Marcel Herrmann Telles and Carlos Alberto Sicupira.

Casino-Guichard-Perrachon SA

This conglomerate retailers control the Companhia Brasileira de Distribuicao SA which is listed on the stock exchange in Brazil, as well as an ADR on the NYSE under the ticker symbol ticker (CBD). In the same way, the latter reported close to $ 20 billion a year in consolidated sales, in addition to having more than 1, 000 grocery stores across the south american giant through two local brands and popular of which include the famous “Pao de Acucar”.

Carrefour SA

The giant retailer of French origin account with a large network of 300 grocery stores throughout Brazil through wholly owned subsidiaries.

3. Chile

SACI Falabella

This is one of the giants of the retail chilean, has an outstanding network of large stores, multi-format that focuses at least 100 stores in its core business, while at the same time is a chilean multinational that has maintained a solid presence in a handful of countries in South America.

The company reports that sales reach $ 15 billion a year, while they have a solid ending balance of at least $ 1 billion per year and include operations centers, commercial interiors, as well as a commercial bank that provides credit as part of its package of products.

Cencosud SA

Recognized operator of retail chains of supermarkets, multi-format and in addition to multi-national expansion of Chilean origin, which has an ADR on the New York Stock exchange, under the symbol (CNCO).

The retailer experienced an aggressive expansion in the past two decades, using the leverage to make inroads into new markets including local operations of what is now Ahold Delhaize NV, both in Chile and in Argentina.

Cencosud is the owner of the chain chilean department store department Stores Paris SA, the operation that Carrefour SA had in Colombia, the business of grocery the family Wong had in Peru, and even a few acquisitions smallest in Brazil.

As a consequence, the chilean company is a holder of 1, 000 grocery stores in all of South America and reported sales exceeding $ 20 billion a year to the time that give direct employment to a labor force significant that it now has about 150,000 employees.

If this were not enough, the company has operations both in shopping centres, as well as a commercial bank.


Casino-Guichard-Perrachon SA

This major French multinational company and one of the world's largest retailerin terms of number of stores dominate the market both in Colombia and in Brazil. In fact, in Colombia this retailer controls the chain of Stores Success, SA, which is listed on the stock exchange and reported about $ 7 billion a year in sales.

Has a network of 600 grocery stores throughout the country and has operations in real estate in the form of shopping centres closed.

Other countries of the region

Stores Industrial Partner SA

The expansion of the supermarket chain it is composed by about 400 grocery stores in general, with a strong presence in Ecuador, Colombia, Argentina, and Uruguay.

In addition, the retailer is leading the market of grocery stores in both Ecuador and Uruguay, while it remains under the control of the entrepreneurs Francisco and Carlos Narváez, as well as by the family Deucht, both of Argentina. It is estimated that the company earns about $ 4 billion a year for its sales.


South america has proven to be one of the territories most prosperous for the expansion of its business in retail, being the area of geographical expansion chosen by the giants of the industry that mainly from Chile, have embarked on the conquest of new territories, achieving excellent results in their operations and being an example to follow for the rest of the retails Latin american

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