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System EPOS: main features, advantages and benefits

sistema epos

Surely the term POS you are familiar with because you probably have it in your store, but when we talk about the system EPOS we go a step further get to Know the features of this technology here!

Keep your retail up to date with the new technologies and methods of work is critical in the competitive market of today, as those who are not able to adapt to the evolving end up simply being displaced by rivals.

Surely you know the performance of the POS but the systems EPOS may be something totally new to you, these acronyms in English is translated as Point of sale system, electronic, and since have become the solution that many retailers were seeking to achieve greater efficiency and profitability.

What is EPOS?

The system EPOS it is the evolution of traditional POS, which now offers features and benefits most sophisticated adequate to function well in an environment of modern retail.

No longer limited to just record sales, but also is capable of collect data from the purchases of your customers and use them to create analysis that will help the retailer to know them better and to develop strategies really focused on the client.

The EPOS it is able to perform different tasks at the same time integrated in the same system, hence the importance to be able to store and process information.

In addition, it allows you to process payments from your customers, print invoices, manage and print coupons, gift cards or promotional offers which are used for the retention of customers.

One of their greatest strengths lies in the connectivity, communicating and integrating the digital infrastructure of the physical store with the online platforms and, in turn, with the different terminals, allowing real-time information on stock of goods.

Advantages of the system EPOS for retail

  • The systems EPOS can be used in a portable mannerhelping you get the customer satisfaction by allowing any place of the store serves to make a payment.
  • Another important aspect is that the collected data may be stored locally in the retail environment across servers, or systems based on the cloud.
  • The EPOS is very versatile in its uses and provides customization and adaptability.
  • It offers benefits to front-line staff, that is your sales force, but also to second-line, which is responsible for analyzing and leveraging data collected through the EPOS.
  • Greatly aids the control of inventory, as through the EPOS of the stores are able to react or to predict spikes or drops in demand at a particular time.
  • Also contributes to the assessment of your workersbecause that allows you to monitor and keep a complete record of the activities undertaken by the staff of the store, to know who, to who and when used the EPOS.
  • One of its greatest benefits is that through the EPOS will reduce the chances of problems arising and, in the event of occurrence, allows you to find solutions quickly and accurately.

Benefits for the customer

  • The use of the system EPOS will improve the perception of your customers in relation to the shop to show an aesthetic moderna and almost futuristic, thanks to the use of advanced technologies.
  • Thou shalt offer it to the client transactions many more fast and less likely that a problem arises.
  • Consumers can get quick answers to any question that arises as to the availability of an item in stock, obtaining accurate answers and immediate.
  • Through the EPOS is to improve the management of the loyalty programs which allows to increase the customer satisfaction.


The systems, electronic points of sale better known as EPOS, have set a new standard for the management of sales processes, which combines e-commerce, mobile devices, storage, and search for data in the cloud and in the end a total integration of the channels of your business that is part of a new advantage in benefits and customer satisfaction.

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