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POS system: 5 advantages of using it in retail stores

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The majority ensures that a POS system it is the central part of your business. Discover in this post the why of this statement, and what are their advantages for use in retail stores.

As you may have already noticed the retail modern is married closely with the technology. Each time there are more processes that are managed and handled from automated systems that help your fuerza de venta to better comply with their work and to the benefit of the customer experience. 

Among the great benefits that it has brought the technology to the retail industry is the POS system. If we ask any retailer, What is a point of sale system, or POS? You would probably respond by saying that “It is the central component of your business, the epicenter where everything merges”.

By what we have seen until now to have a POS system it is very important, but what is it?, What is its importance? and above all what are the benefits that it brings to the store?, then cleared all your doubts.

What is a POS system?

The point-of-sale (POS) refers to the area of a store where customers can pay for their purchases. This term is normally used to describe systems that record financial transactions of the shop.

This could be, for example, a cash register or an integrated computer system which records the data that comprise a commercial transaction for the sale of goods or services.

In the specific case of the POS system, about the hardware and software used to record the financial transactions of a retail store retail. Still according to the opinion of the managers of shops, the best tool to manage and evaluate its business.

Advantages of using a POS system

The ultimate goal of using a POS system in a store, retail is to help reduce costs for the couple to increase their sales. Facilitating all respect to receiving the various available forms of payment, such as cash payments, credit and even contactless payments.

In addition, it helps to control the maintenance of your products in stock and all the staff of the store informed on new developments that arise in the day to day running of the store. The POS system is a combination of software and hardware, currently implements the technologies based on the cloud.

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These are some of the benefits of the application of the POS system in retail:

  1. A POS system has the ability to generate robust reports on the results of your sales. Must make reports in real time and allow you to view the history of operations of days, months, and even years ago. If that were not enough also forecast sales trends.
  1. In retail to have a system of inventory properly managed is essential. For this reason, it is important to use a POS of quality that will help you to calculate the rotation of your inventory, GMROI , the rates of direct sales and other operations related to the stock.
  1. The POS system also allows you to store customer data and purchase history, helping you to customize the experience of the consumers. These data prove to be very valuable since it gives a great advantage to the retention of customers.
  2. Also regarding the management of employees can be given through a POS system, helping you to evaluate accurately the performance of the workers of your store.
  3. Customers prefer those retailers that offer an incentive for consumers more loyal, that's why your POS system should be able to trace this to improve the loyalty programs of the store for their best buyers.


A point of sale system POS not only is it an essential part of the operation of any successful store in the world of retail today, but that is almost the only system that need the business owners thanks to the complete range of services it offers.

A POS system is actually a mechanism for automated retail management, since it goes beyond the processing of sales, providing capacity inventory management, employees, customers, membership system, supplier registration, bookkeeping, issuing of purchase orders, quotations, sales reports, and much more.

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