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6 trends in the retail sector in the world

tendencias de retail en el mundo

Everything changes and this evolution will not escape the stores. The new needs of customers are taken into account by the retail sector in the world, to learn more in this post!

During the last years a lot is heard about the future to come for the retail, and while perhaps many were not prepared for the new world of retail that we had been promised is already here.

The tools, strategies, and technologies necessary to succeed in the retail sector in the world are already available, and it depends on the retailers to choose the right one to grow your business.

In the past, it was the retailer who determined what should I want to buy a client, and how you should buy it. But today, it is the customer who defines what will be through the experiencia de compra.

What is most important to keep in mind is that the retail trade and the consumer is evolving. Therefore, as a retail business, you should be aware of the changing buying habits of consumers, the key trends and changes of the industry and recognize what that is applicable to the retail sector.

1. Community

The importance of “community” is one of the trends in retail more important, because currently, retailers have realized that the main problem of the consumer is no longer the scarcity of products, but the shortage of social connections and genuine human.

Trade retail will be better, as this is more responsive to the customer and can fill the gap. Your customers are simply people with shared interests and values, therefore reuniting them with a sense of community can be socially powerful.

2. In-store experience

It has become quite clear that the in-store experience it serves as the best plugin for online trading, but the key is to create memorable experiences in the shop.

The stores can't just be based on the distribution of products, but rather to emphasize in terms of the distribution of experience: more stories. That means putting less emphasis on shopping and more emphasis on the entertainment, hospitality and community.

If we take into account things like augmented reality and the artificial intelligence they are making progress in retail, these can contribute to providing a better experience, but it is critical to focus on the basics and create a memorable experience and sound for the customer.

3. Customization

This is, without a doubt, one of the main trends of the retail sector in the world, and therefore it is not something that retailers can afford to leave to escape, especially when companies like Netflix and Spotify continue to refine their skills when it comes to recommendations and playlists you as an individual.

experiencia de compra

Retailers must understand that once consumers try something like customization in any other field, expect other companies to provide the same treatment.

When we talk about customization, please note that you do not have to be as sophisticated as the 3D technology or the use of incredible drones, and can be as simple as offering embroidery and monograms in the shop to add a personal touch to each article, which will surely cause a satisfaction in the customer.

4. Use of data

uso de datos en retail

To make it possible for the much sought after customization, it is very important to have all the Big Data available, as the values of the consumers unite around the authenticity and individuality, the brand will appreciate even more the data to adapt the recommendations, attract influential people and to customize your experiences.

Through the data, stores, and retail and brands of all sizes, can help you make business decisions more accurate and timely.

In this context it is useful to make use of the tools developed by Intelligenxia for the Retail analytics, your package of solutions offers innovative systems and applications to take full advantage of the data that is generated in the shop and even outside of it.

5. Sales direct-to-consumer

During the last few years have seen a boom of renowned brands who choose to sell directly to the consumer, and who decide to withdraw from the dealers in mass.

Brands are realizing that the scope of the merchants in mass is having a toxic effect on the value of their products and that to survive they must offer a experiencia de compra consistent with its positioning in the market.

At the same time, they are recognizing that it is possible to respond to individual consumers directly through a combination of physical stores and online.

6. Collaboration between stores and brands

It is about partnerships between the stores in the retail sector and the major brands of products or services, with the purpose to enhance their offerings and attract customers that rely on one or both of the parties involved.

For example, to release limited editions of products is a way of successful collaboration, as when two brands are associated unexpectedly, especially when they are in different areas or industries, the magic of the retailers may occur.


New trends in the retail sector in the world point to a change in the conception of the business, representing a great opportunity for retailers large and small to provide experiences that their customers really want, especially applied in real life.

Today, consumers want what they want, when they want it, the way you want to and all the shopping places available, those needs are of critical importance.

So the best recommendation is to give the client what they want and never stop to innovate, regardless of whether these appear to be sufficiently satisfied, for let us remember that evolution is permanent and what is best to be ready to adapt to the new trends in the retail sector in the world.

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