FollowUP Analytics
& Improvements

Continuous improvement service

  • KPI retail management analysis
  • Resource optimization
  • Fair goal setting for sales people
  • Marketing campaign strategies and evaluation
  • Continuous training
  • Sales increase strategies
  • Optimum staffing
  • Other services

Personalized reports and indicators

  • Conversion rate to sales
  • Showcase attracting rate
  • Online benchmarking: industry indicators distinguished by category, malls and zones
  • Permanence times
  • Uncaptured sales opportunities
  • Number of visiting customers
  • Profitability per square meter
  • Designing and planning of work rosters
  • Queues and service zone patterns in real time
  • Money mapping and Heatmap
  • Automated reports by email with alerts
  • Stores and sales people ranking
  • Critical times analysis
  • Among others…


People counter

  • 4D cameras with stereoscopic technology
  • Personnel exclusion and traffic differentiation, between adults and children
  • External and showcase traffic counter
  • Queues measurement, service zones and cash points
  • People capacity
  • Permanence times

BI Platform

  • Sales integration in real time
  • Online benchmarking
  • Artificial intelligence for predictive flow analytics
  • Goal and budget distribution algorithms
  • High security and data redundancy standards


  • Interactive FollowUP courses
  • Online certification and evaluation process
  • Corporate content of the client to communicate processes, products and services

Mobile App

  • Specifically developed for mobile devices
  • Easily accessible information and tools for the commercial team

Face recognition

Face recognition

  • Mood: emotional state
  • Age: approximate age and age range to segment customers
  • Gender: male / female per hour, day, periods

Among others

  • Capacity monitoring of people
  • Temperature monitoring and face mask use