Smart FollowUp

One of the main concerns of companies is to be able to determine the behavior that their stores or establishments will have in the long term in order to improve their management, planning and efficiency analysis processes within the company.

Smart FollowUp uses artificial intelligence to forecast customer behavior by using a learning algorithm trained through examples that result from historical data of clients in the retail industry and macroeconomic analysis.

Predictive Analysis

With access to 80% of the retail data, it is possible for us to know the industry behavior in depth, with which we can:

  • Predict input indicators, conversion rate and store average ticket sales.
  • Offer a FollowUP platform containing the most relevant KPIs simultaneously showing forecasted and real data.

Goal planning

Efficient processes that generate greater profitability for the business.

  • To set sales objectives per department and individual, as well as budgets for all areas and growth forecasts.

Campaign evaluation

The retail industry is such a competitive environment l, therefore, it is necessary to go one step ahead

  • To measure the effect of marketing campaigns by comparing market results in relation to key indicators. (input, conversion rate and average ticket).