Goal percentage reached

First month of Clinic: +102%
Second month of Clinic: +146%

Conversion rate: +19,2%
Items per ticket: +10,2%
Sales: +33% 

19,2% Conversion rate

10,2% Items per ticket

33% Sales

“With this tool, the indicators and the human support provided by FollowUP, I have significantly improved the management of my business.

The tool gives me updated information about every store, allowing us to correct variances or weaknesses and  maximize opportunities or strengths in each point of sale and their corresponding teams.”

Country Manager Chile & Perú


12,4% Conversion rate

Conversion rate: +12,4
Average ticket: +2,5%
Sales: +5,5%

5,5% Sales

2,5% Average ticket

5,5% Sales

“FollowUP has been a key ally in the daily management of our stores. Through the platform, we have been able to obtain crucial information to restructure our internal processes, improve our stores effectiveness, strengthen our sales people and create new trading strategies. We are very happy with the accompaniment received.”

Maria Isabel Mesa
Chief Controller of Sales


Sales: +3%
Ticket conversion rate: +6%
Entrances: +8% 
Average ticket: -10% 

3% Sales

6% Ticket conversion rate

8% Entrances

-10% Average ticket

“Thanks to FollowUP we were able to pay attention to the most immediate problems. All stores that went through the rigorous improvement work of indicators (FollowUP Clinic) observed a performance increase of 11% above the rest of our stores. We are very happy with what we have accomplished together with FollowUP”.

J.C. Calbet
Partner and General Manager Electro CALBET