Global reach and capacity

We are a Chilean-Japanese company composed of expert professionals in retail. We have added value for our clients for more than 10 years through a continuous improvement process that benefits multiple areas in their organizations.

Continuous consultancy

We work together with our clients through the digitalization and cultural change process, integrating all areas inside the organization in our service and offering periodic analysis of their indicators with the aim of optimizing their management.

Asesoría continua

Personalized service

Our expert retail consulting team provides strategic advice, delivering a professional and personalized service focused on identifying all growth opportunities and maximizing operational efficiencies.

Servicio personalizado

Strategic and technological partner

We constantly innovate based on new technologies, necessities and challenges that emerge  in the retail industry, with our main objective being to support the management that fosters significant improvements in consumer experiences.

Partner estratégico y tecnológico

Access and KPI display

We aim to facilitate work at the managerial and directors level providing market and industry information and analysis through our intuitive platform. We generate recommendations that are ready for general and specific strategic decisions for each area.

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Security and trust

We have the highest security standards in order to protect our clients’ information and to ensure their privacy before any event.

Seguridad y confianza