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You know the “Supervisor Digital” A Case of Actual Implementation

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The business today has a big challenge, to adapt to the digital revolution. The more people, the more processes are performed within a place of work and the more difficult it becomes to maintain control over each task.

Activities such as: measuring, optimizing and audit resources used are key tasks for the business.

To know where to adjust or optimize can make the difference in your business, even to save him from bankruptcy in times of crisis. What would it be like to be able to measure, optimize, and audit without losing human resources?

The Problem to be Solved:

A clinic in the eastern portion of the capital wanted to validate a process that may sound very simple: keep the bathroom clean. Did you know that behind the efficient cleaning of a bath, there is an entire engineering process? Now you will know him.

The Initial Premise : The clinic had a premise about how long I had to clean the bathroom. But the premise on the levels of service it was not based on empirical data, but on intuition. 

How we approach the solution :

To be able to carry out the cleaning of the bathroom efficiently, we set up a technological device in the access that allows you to count how many people they come in to the day. Facilitating in addition, the power to know what times there is more traffic to know when to clean it.

Sensors features people, a cloud platform that consolidates and analyzes the data, and finally a mobile application that notifies the optimal time to clean the bathroom based on a specific metric, and measuring the start and the end of the cleaning process of the auxiliary.

You say that a bathroom of men is different than the one of women. Yes, that and many other variables make it impossible to compare simple. But yes, it is possible to compare. We take each of these variables into consideration and even, we measured the time it took each one of those in charge of cleaning the bathroom, thus leading control and automation of their tasks.

The Result :

A systematized process running in perfect sync, working 24/7 in all of the bathrooms at the same time. In two weeks we already had several insights about how, when and where it makes the toilet. The optimization led to the premise of the clinic at the half. 

We achieve a saving of 50% in time spent to clean the bathrooms. Deal with half of the resources to achieve a result better than the original.

This is called to optimize resources. The level of satisfaction of the users of the bathroom was improved, and at a lower cost of use of resources. Could only be achieved by using technology and analysis advanced data.

Can you think of other applications for this solution?

You must be thinking of other applications, for example, optimize the use of one of the most expensive resources of the clinics, wards, surgical, where it is difficult to estimate the duration of an operation and have an alert that notifies to the doctors in a row that are already ready to enter the pavilion, you can generate a lot of operational efficiency.

And not only in clinics can be applied, imagine a distribution center and monitored to reduce wastage of boxes that come in and out on different means of transport, or to audit how many hours a month working subcontractors in construction. 

The Supervisor Digital is part of the digital transformation natural for any company that wants to keep its key processes of the business. Being this type of tools, the perfect complement to operational areas, in this way the position of supervisor can mutate to a work of the analyst and decision making on the basis of the data.