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Reopening 2021: Changes in staffing and schedule management.

Reapertura 2021 Cambios en la dotacion y administracion de horarios.

Re-opening 2021

FollowUP Customer Experience / Expert in analysis of consumer behavior | Over 10,000 stores globally.

Product of the pandemic in the industries of retail and mass consumption experienced scenarios tremendously complex with the store closings and mass layoffs. This has led to the retail industry and trade, it has to reinvent itself: on the one hand, focusing on an online channel stronger and on the other, making it more efficient attention in the store, and optimizing the dwell times.

The availability of staff, the restrictions on the use of spaces, and the changes in the fluidity and mobility of the individuals have been an obstacle, due to the different time periods and cycles of confinement in various places, who have increased the labor restrictions.

For this reason the retail and the trade have had to generate changes in the staff of the shops, starting with the hours, the goals assigned to them, the days of replacement, among others of adjustment and adaptation.

Thinking of this in many places, and in the near future other, in which the opening of the cities is still a fact, and that there is a significant majority of people are vaccinated, you see a massive return imminent to the day to day activities.

There is, therefore, to think of how to trade in general, and the actors of the industry, they must return to activity, whereas a “normal 2.0”, still maintaining the necessary precautions.

The key is to see the capacity as a different opportunity, because it multiplies the possibility of a person to finalise the purchase. Given this, it is possible that the brands need to modify service levels, taking into consideration the need of the customer.


Experts in the analysis of consumer behavior | Over 10,000 stores globally.

To achieve greater flexibility in the allocation you can use the following strategies:

Re-opening 2021: Strategic starting around the envelope.

Key is to pre-generate a strategy for the opening, given that, in many cases, a large part of the staff may be suspended. It is possible to generate a turn based strategy flexible, to allow and facilitate the mobility of vendors in shops.

On the other hand, the retail is minimizing their level of strength, however, there are some actors that maximize. This, as a way to prevent the exponential sale that generates the output of the quarantine, or as a substitute momentarily staff from other stores, in cases of quarantine.

Re-opening 2021: General planning to improve the functions in the shops:

-Goals: Define goals, built according to the place of work per day, given a possible strategy of flexibility of shifts. So, generate goals more real to the vendors, making it more motivating to work in spite of the instability of the pandemic. You can also increase the provision of part-time to form part of the endowment mobile.

-Deposits: Establish and decrease the minimum stock in the stores, centralizándolo in a warehouse, and so make it more flexible management.

-Working hours: Set hours of entry and exit of the staff to maximize the opportunity.

-Incentives for sales teams: Analyze new incentives applied to other management indicators, for example, by considering the combination between permanence and conversion rate.

-Average price to the upside vs. liquidation stock: At industrial level, the average price is found with variations-positive compared to previous years, which allows you to keep a ticket average high and further increase the sales of the last year. When the time comes, focus on a strategy of settlement to harness and keep positive variation in the ticket average.

-Remodeling of the stores: To be limited in the openings and closures of local, generates the opportunity to remodel or repair the layout of the stores.

-Change the structure of attention to the client: It can deliver a more personalized attention, placing special attention on solving the customer's need.

Re-opening 2021: The progressive return has affected many areas, mainly in those who work face-to-face is essential. From this, the best thing you can do is to look for opportunities in new areas. Take the learning of complex scenarios of quarantine, as inputs for improvement, and face this new stage of adaptation and change, as an opportunity to take-off from both the local physical and sellers.


Follow UP Customer Experience

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