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Retail 2021: Trends in behavior, and the study of FollowUP CX.

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Retail 2021: FollowUP prepared a study that shows the trends in behavior in stores with services of the consultant in Colombia, through a comparison between the month of April 2021 and 2019.

The results showed that the traffic at stores fell 62.5%, due to the context of a pandemic. However, the conversion rate increased by more than 40%

Retail 2021: Variation by shops

In terms of the variations by shop, we can observe that the low traffic most significant came up to 84%. On the other hand, the variation of sales increased up to 10% in the best case.

In terms of the variation in conversion, growth ranged from 29% Andino, up to 81% in the best cases.

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FollowUP Customer Experience

In terms of variation per ticket, it can be seen that the growth per ticket average reached up to 34%.

Items per ticket also increased, reaching up to 20% of growth.

The variation for the average price grew up to 24%.

experiencia retail
FollowUP Customer Experience

Retail 2021: Variation by categories

On the other hand, the growth rates by product category were also variations between April 2019 and the same month in 2021.

In terms of the variations in traffic, the percentages in footwear; fashion man and woman, child and declined by approximately 60%.

The variations in sales also declined, on average, 38% between the same three categories.

However, the variations in conversion rate, and ticket sales increased. In this sense, there was a positive variation of conversion, with 71% in footwear. In addition, the ticket average increased to 21% in children's fashion.

In the criteria of articles per ticket, there was an increase in children's fashion and a man and a woman. However, there was a low footwear of 1%.

Finally, in average price also increased in the categories listed above, 12%. The low shoe came up 2%.

With the results of this research we can observe the changes that occurred in the behavior of the customers in the retail market. These consist in a low traffic in physical stores, however, an increase in the conversion rate and tickets for sale.

This verifies that the implementation of E-Commerce platforms proved to be successful during the period of the pandemic.

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