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We have a team of
research and investigation:

Lab FollowUP sin fondo 1

We have a team of
research and investigation:

Computer vision in simple words


What science Fiction or Reality?

When I was little I always questioned the Terminator movie, I could not understand that a machine could interpret all their visual environment and razonarlo. Certainly all of these films were the forerunners of today's technology we use in Intelligencia Who would have said no?

Scene 1, thus began the film:

13 years ago exactly, I was with my father in the waiting room of an urgent care center. I remember that we had to wait almost 2 hours to be served. What I couldn't understand, is why, if they had so many executives to make the admission of the patient, took both their attention. The rage came to me when I saw the executives chatting with each other, laughing and doing anything less the income of the patients.

It was at that moment when my father pointed out to me that the waiting room was full of cameras. Can you imagine if the administrators of the medical center to be able to “see” what is really going on here? There is No doubt that the service would be much more efficient.

What would happen if you turned the video of those security cameras in information management? It would be like the movie the Terminator, a machine to understanding what happens, tradiciendo and generating Insight, best of all is that in this movie, nobody would get hurt.

In that moment, I started our company Intelligenxia.

Scene 2, the technology explained in easy way:

The technology of computer vision, allows you to transform any image from video data. So simple, so complex. Simple, because from the perspective of an executive of “business”, only your imagination is the limit of what the technology is capable of doing. Complex, because the engineers who develop this type of technology must know and schedule is constantly adding new algorithms of neural networks that allow to train the systems with greater precision.

Computer vision seeks to emulate on a computer, the visual ability that we humans have. That is to say, interpreting the images in time, space, environment, and position so as to be able to recognize objects on the basis of predictions about its behavior.

How is it achieved the interpretation of an image at the same level that the human being? Here is the secret of Terminator

The “big” secret is to divide the original problem into smaller problems. That way, the images are rendered by sets of pixels and are operated by the parameters of the neural model, which in turn are adjusted by means of your workout and machine learning. These models of neural networks contain millions of parameters, depending on its complexity, and apply the models, which correspond in function of the problem you wish to solve.

Have you heard of Machine Learning?

One of the features that make this technology one of the more interesting of recent years, is the ability of machine learning. To the extent that we generate videos or pictures of the problem and we're sorting out, we pass these classifications to the computer with the goal of teaching him what behavior is one that we are looking for. In this way, and the more training data is of good quality, we can incorporate in the models, the better will be the accuracy achieved by the machine to interpret the problem.

Scene 3, a real-world application

To finish, we will use an example to try to clarify doubts about machine learning that may have been left.

Suppose that we want to teach a robot to tackle a criminal. An archer human trained criminal, will be able to estimate where it will go to the ball, the trajectory of the ball and the speed you will achieve. So will be able to make a decision and go with the aim of stopping the criminal.

The robot, we will have to “charge” the thousands of videos from penalty kicks. Incorporate the data of the trajectories and speeds, as well as the position of the kicker and the dimensions of the arc. While most videos of criminal thrown with all of the data of the trajectory of the ball, built-in, the more likely will be that the robot is thrown to the right side and manages to tackle a criminal pulled by a human. It will be the “experience” to be loaded in your system which will let you have the optimal reaction to the challenge.

You won't believe how close to this technology

The technology of computer vision is already available for all businesses to take advantage of its potential. We've reached a point where the problem has ceased to be the technology, but rather what is the limitation on the creativity of the business executives to find new solutions to their pains of life.

So if you have a venue with security cameras running, these very gated begin to put your data to work, reuse what you have and we will install the technology of the Terminator.

If you want an evaluation contact us and we will help you at no cost to know if you can start to optimize your company using Computer Vision.


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