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Sales force: discover the importance they have in a store

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The sellers in the shop are a key factor to allow customers satisfied and thus increase revenue. In this post you will know all about the sales force.

What would a shop without your sales force? Beyond the modernity of the retail industry, it seems impossible to separate the concepts of shop and vendors, as these play a decisive role in terms of promoting sales through the good attention customers.

The sales force of a company is its staff of sellers, in the case of retail sales, the sales force usually takes care of attending to the customer, make and close orders.

These sellers are not responsible for creating a demand for the product, because, in theory, the demand for the product has already been generated through the efforts of marketing such as advertising campaigns and promotional activities.

The vendors can provide the consumer with information about the product, but the people involved in sales are often not concerned about maintaining relationships with long term customers.

In the trade retail,  for example, the sales force it is not concerned with creating demand but rather is more concerned with keeping them in order shelves and cabinets on each square meter of the store.

The use of criteria to evaluate the effectiveness of the sales force allows companies to make adjustments to improve its efficiency.

The sales force it can be compensated for in one of three ways: simple salary, commission, single or a combination of salary plus commission. Most businesses today use a combination of salary plus commission to compensate for their sales forces, and fewer companies base their compensation in commissions direct.

Evaluate the sales force

The evaluation of your sales force today is an important step in the process of deciding if you want to grow your team. If your sales force is well and will be more than adequate to propel the growth in the future, you can maintain the same amount of people and simply add any additional training or perhaps a compensation package renovated.

On the other hand, it is possible that your sales force need to increase some workers, or you can choose to remain the same size but have different people to fill the jobs of sales.

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The first step to evaluate your sales force lies in understanding that the seller is most visible manifestation of the shop seen by the customers. This type of seller carrying a heavy load, since it is responsible for defending the image of the company, advising clients, and, of course, in good measure to get the sale.

It's very useful to know how you're performing each seller individually compared to the average, you can have a handful of people relatively productive that carry the heavy load, in contrast to a number of people with low performance.

This is the kind of information that you'll need to know to decide if you want to make a change in the strength sales of the store.

Add vendors can reach out to result in an increase of the level of sales, however the recruitment of staff could also hurt sales, eroding benefits, damage valuable relationships with customers and can destroy your image in the market.

Do not forget that the sellers are not only the people responsible for the building of your balance will be final economic, but also are your front-line troops, which have the most direct contact with the customers.

With these warnings in mind, it is important to not only increase your sales force, but rather make it grow properly.


Knowing your role is so important that it plays the sales force in retail it is important to surround yourself with the best people to ensure the momentum of all on the basis of achieving the objectives of the store.

Imagine the seller is ideal to occupy the work, including their personality, experience, level of energy, reputation, and skills. It is very possible that you will not find someone exactly like this, but if you don't know what you want, the odds of making a bad hiring decision will be higher.

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