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Consumer Trends for 2023

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The retail industry has been characterized throughout history by its constant dynamism and evolution, because the consumer can easily change their expectations, behaviors, and needs of consumption.


After the pandemic, there have been changes in the economic drastic. Despite the crisis, inflationary live at the global level, the expected growth in sales of the Retail sector for this to 2023 is projected to be 6.5%.


💡Know here what are the 10 main trends of consumption and guides your strategies, decesiones and growth plans for this 2023:


1. Automation authentic: Planning a technological investment on the part of the retailers.
2. Consumers save: Inflation and the cost of living will drive the people to be careful with the money.
3. Eco-economic or sustainable consumption: The marks will help consumers in the savings and care for the planet
4. Brands are betting on to digital experiences built: The client continues to be digital but now wants to optimize their time on the web.
5. Entertainment and game: It is a priority for the consumer, as a method to socialize, connect, and release stress.
6. Live in the here and now without debt: The consumer has the pleasures of short-term financial responsibility. The retailer must offer financing options.
7. Have fun and relax will be a reason to buy: The retailers will be eager to bring fun to attract consumers.
8. Focus on gender equality: The diversity, equity, and inclusion matter in the business of Retail.
9. The life in perspective: Consumers are overwhelmed with so many changes, and companies must provide services focused on immediate needs.
10. Young and disruptive: Generation Z exposes their beliefs, the content is real, raw and relevant calls attention.

In conclusion, consumers expect an experience completely omnicanal and integrated, that will provide you with a buying process that is satisfactory, where your emotions are the primary axis. Customers are increasingly connected, informed, and are more demanding; therefore, the retailers must know what will be the patterns of consumption and to quickly adapt their processes and resources to be at the level of the demand and be clearly competitive.

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