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6 reasons why retailers should move to the cloud

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The world of retail has known how to involve technology in its processes and now it is necessary to target new trends, which is why in this post we explain why retail companies should move to the cloud.

In this troubled world where immediate information is everything, the retail industry must be able to keep up with all the tools that technology provides. This is essential to access the data, process it and then revert it into benefits for the store.

It is about being more agile, since you must be able to evolve along with Digital Retail and not be hampered by internal information technology (IT) systems, which can be difficult to integrate with new technologies.

We often say that we have to look upwards in search of the best ideas and it has never been more true than now, since many of the solutions that the retail sector so badly needs to continue its business are found in the cloud. evolution.

Cloud computing offers brick-and-mortar retailers a new way to gain greater agility and become much more competitive, particularly with their e-retail or electronic commerce that have the advantage of not being limited by the old systems that tend to become obsolete due to constant change.

Against this background we have developed a list of reasons why retail companies should move to the cloud.

1. Interaction between different channels

Currently, customers expect to have a 100% personalized interaction with the retailer, regardless of the channel you are using. However, many retailers seem not to have realized this need.

Some retailers operate in a disjointed fashion due to old, outdated systems that prevent them from effectively integrating vital store operations such as inventory, shipping, or point-of-sale (POS).

By moving to the cloud, it will become much easier to offer the perfect experience for your customers, thus meeting their current demands.

2. Supply chain improvements

Another reason retailers should move to the cloud has to do with improved data tracking supply chain.

Thanks to cloud computing, retailers can gain better visibility into their supply chain across the enterprise, as it allows every part of the business to be interconnected at through the cloud.

What that translates to fewer stock-outs, inventory levels can be optimized, allowing also to retailers capture data of real-time location on the inventory to ensure that it is in an optimal position in the supply chain.

3. Access to data in real-time

The cloud is the help you were looking for real-time access to customer data, so that the store associates can have instant access to the sales history of a particular client or to check the status of an order, regardless of the channel used to do so.

In this way, retailers can approach you and offer personalized recommendations or special offers, which gives them a better chance of success in the sales conversion.

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4. Cost savings

Among the advantages for the retail companies should move to the cloud stands out concerning the savings in operating costs that represents its use, since the rate of utilization of the hardware of the internal computers are often less than 20%.

In addition, the hardware and the software updates are managed by the service providers in the cloud, which again will reduce the budget to invest on the part of the store.

5. Collaboration with providers

With the use of the cloud in the retail sector can collaborate more easily with suppliers and thus be able to capturar the status of shipments in real-time, in addition to instant access to digitized documents of suppliers, carriers, and logistics.

6. Safety information

There is some fear on the part of some retailers in terms of moving to the cloud in relation to safety and reliability of your valuable information. The retailers want to know if their data are safe when they are hosted in the cloud and how reliable is the information technology infrastructure in the cloud.

The reality is that the data stored in the cloud are generally safer than those stored locally on your own servers of the shops.

In addition, the providers of cloud infrastructure use a set of controls and backup procedures deterrent, preventive, and detection designed to provide the highest levels of security.


The retail industry is evolving rapidly, so that it is becoming more and more necessary to have the tools-art technology to achieve the goals of the company.

The reasons for which retail companies should move to the cloud there are several and point the benefits of accessibility to the data, storage, security, and reduction of operational costs, which translates into a new opportunity to grow for the benefit of the customer satisfaction  and from our shop

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