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What do we do?

FollowUP is a retail consultancy solution which is able to maximize business results thanks to a successful retail analytics model that identifies improvement opportunities in customers’ purchasing experience. This then, translates into an increase in sales and bigger operational efficiencies.

How do we do it?

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We implement

We implement last generation technologies in order to gather information more reliably and effectively. FollowUP adapts to any source of information to integrate sales data, customer behavior and tendencies.

We accompany

We train FollowUP users by transferring our know-how along with a successful continuous working methodology based on a deep understanding of the key management indicators.

We improve

Our service model helps improve, optimize and maximize individual and group performance in work teams, developing a dynamic of continuous improvement that creates sustained long-term knowledge.

Why FollowUP?

Because we are a services company that accompanies the client through the implementation process and strategic solutions adoption, aiming to guarantee a positive impact on business results.

FollowUP consultation model was created from the fusion between retail experts, IT experts and developers, leading to the creation of a valuable tool and an effective service model of continuous improvement.

What differentiates us from other unique technology companies is the fact that we offer a personalized service in order to improve sales performance and the efficiency of retail businesses management.

International presence

More than 6,000 points of sale, belonging to clients operating in multiple countries, trust in the display capacity of our solutions and services worldwide.

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