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Design retail: 5 basic rules to fall in love with your customers

diseno retail

The location of things in a shop are not casual, because it is governed by a set of basic rules of design retail, learn how to make the most of your space in this post.

Normally it is thought that the design retail, is a category of the architecture  but in the end it is not, as it should rather be understood as a mix of experiences, as it involves branding, experience design, visual merchandising, interior design, marketing, business strategy, among others, all integrated under a consolidated approach that is able to satisfy the customers.

We must get to the heart of the people, through the design of spaces and the use of the materials. When people make their own the store and the brand, then we can ensure that the retail has achieved success.

The customer buys what matters and what matters is what it remains in your memory, it is for this reason that the design retail today aims to generate unforgettable experiences for the customer visit the store. 

1. Tell a good story

A store brand is well-positioned displays in its design such as a book, as the client moves through its corridors are being developed, new chapters, and to maintain the interest of the client you must ensure that to the back of your local offer to the climax of the story.

Specialists in the design and retail ensure that the biggest mistake made by retailers is precisely not to be able to tell a story clear, consistent, meaningful, and compelling.

2. Ingredients of the design

It is important to comply with all of the ingredients in the recipe, that will allow you to achieve an attractive design, able to captivate your customers, such as the colors, materials and shapes.

Understand the meaning of the colors is something basic, for example, a bright colour meets the function of attracting the customer to the inside of the tent, while the neutral colors convey calm. In the case of the dark hues or saturated denote environments more refined.

3. Lighting is important

By nature people are attracted by the light and therefore it is important to have a well designed system in the function of enhancing the elements that make up the various products and spaces of the store.

A good trick of lighting that you can apply consists dim the light of the entry and action with light levels higher in the back, this way you will be transmitting the idea that there is something of importance at the end of the local.

4. Improved circulation

As part of the design retail retailers must consider the circulation inside the tentfor example, a clear sign of poor blood circulation would be in the corridors that end in dead-ends or where it is not allowed to see buyers on the other hand, since to restrict the visibility also reduce the possibilities of purchase by the customer.

5. Creating connection with the client

A store really has success when he is able to create a significant connection with their customers and for this, it is fundamental to offer an unforgettable experiencebecause that will be the experience that will lead him to the house and will make possible the creation of a bond of identity with the brand.

Its effect on the client is so powerful that this ends up to be an ambassador for the store, recommending her to his friends as if it was the very owner of this. Hence the importance of designing spaces that are attractive, different to everything else, comfortable, in that the client really feel that they thought at the time to create those spaces.


In the design of retail nothing is casual, things are not located in a place just because yes, everything is designed in function of the interests of the shop and customer satisfaction. Via the design is achieved by tracing the path that the consumer will continue on their tour of the store, increasing the chances of selling more products.

But we must not forget the key, and is that even when the budget is the problem, a retailer creative will be able to resolve the design of your store with few resources, thus creating a space that is attractive and cost-effective.

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