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The importance of architecture retail in a store

arquitectura retail

If we build a house for our family, we know that this must comply with certain features, but if it is a store, what should we do? Learn all about the architecture retail here.

For example, if we enter a supermarket today, we can find an approximate 39,000 items to choose from. That number sounds overwhelming, but the chain stores and specialists architecture retail make it easier than ever to cross off items from your shopping list.

The stores are easy to navigate, the integration of e-commerce, applications, the self-payment, among other innovations that offers the retail sector modern, are just a few of the most salient features that contribute to improving the experiencia del cliente and the architecture retail moderna.

Importance of architecture retail

Some experts liken to the architecture retail with a silent salesman, because even when the sales staff has their hands full, the store has the ability to attract customers and sell it by itself.

In many ways, a store is the best advertisement for a company, because it can attract the customers to experience the brand. When your architecture and design retail differentiate it from others in the industry, it is possible to create a competitive advantage.

A good use of the architecture retail it consists in the distribution of the physical space of a store in the best possible way to maximize sales. It is more likely that consumers will fidelicen if you enjoy your space and can easily find what they are looking for.

Everything related to the physical space of the store should reinforce your brand identity, but to create consistency of brand not only means to incorporate the colors and elements, but also to unify experiences online and offline.

Another way to take advantage of the design and the architecture retail it is making use of the space for advertising “free” to capture the attention of the customers. What is the ad space for “free”? since this is windows, walls or the area of access to your store.

The integration of physical retail and e-retail

While we observed the collision between the worlds offline and online, the architecture retail and the experience of design, retail will continue to play a critical role in the facilitation of the experiencia del clienteby offering experiences retailers captivating that can be transmitted through social networks.

arquitectura de retail para tiendas

When it comes to the future of the architecture retail as can be observed in cases of retailers that have chosen to reduce their size, with smaller buildings, to provide selections in lines more complete and integrate cutting-edge technology.

Customers demand convenience and fresh selections, e-commerce can improve the convenience, but specifically for dry products, however still most of the customers want to see and touch fresh foods before you buy them.

For this task, it is recommended to take advantage of the set of tools designed for Intelligenxia designed to integrate the experience omnicanal with the client, to do this they provide in their portfolio of innovative systems Ominicanalidad  and Mobile marketing. 


Open and manage a store retail is not as simple as buying or renting a space and opening a business, since it is necessary to take into account the competition and caprice of customersamong many other aspects as fundamental as the good use of architecture and retail.

But there is also the need for a display appropriate merchandise, and the safety of the buyers to come. The companies well-designed, attract more clients and sell a greater quantity of its products.

Also remain in the business for a longer time and get better profits. Take the time and make the best investment in architecture retail it is without a doubt a great warranty to realize a good business.

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