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How to decrease the waiting time of the customer

tiempo de espera del cliente

If what we want is to ensure the greatest number of sales possible at the store, then it is necessary to decrease the waiting time of the client-Here we tell you how to do it!

Retailers focus all their efforts and invest considerable resources in an attempt to provide a satisfactory experience for the customerhowever this may not be enough, since while one of the purposes is to extend the time of the buyers in the store, this should not be badly interpreted.

Although the duration of the trip should be as long as possible has to be rewarding, and above all, voluntary, that is why we must take very seriously the decrease the waiting time of the customer, since this can be a factor det to give you a bad buying experience.

For these reasons, it is necessary to be aware of the risks involved in an inefficient management of the standby time of the client, due to that, as a buyer you start to feel that you are wasting your time, you automatically qualify negatively to the store and weakened by other measures of loyalty that might have attracted you initially.

Customer don'T like to wait

An analysis of the waiting time of the customer has shown conclusively that the people will not wait a long time before you leave the store forever. In fact, the average number of customers are willing to wait just 14 minutes to be served.

Some chains of retail report to have lost up to 75% of the clients due to the waiting times. This figure is alarming given that when a customer leaves the door without anything in his hands, except the frustration, it is unlikely to return.

Today we integrate a society that wants instant gratification, or at least with the least amount of possible expectation. This means making use of the best methods for decrease the waiting time of the customer.

Not only are the queues to pay

The main reason why customers are frustrated in the shop, is the waiting in the ranks for payhowever, not only the long lines can drive them off. Retailers should pay attention to other aspects of their stores if you want to find out how to reduce the waiting time.

filas en supermercado

Other reasons are:

  1. A experience confusing in the store you can make the search of articles delay time-consuming, which takes guests to leave to prefer to leave it.
  2. At the beginning, the customers don't mind waiting, but as they get bored is becoming more and more stressed and frustrated.
  3. The long waiting times cost of sales to the store. Therefore, it is essential to understand the psychology of the rows.

Recommendations to decrease the waiting time of the customer

1. To detect the problematic points of the store

It is advisable to analyze what are the limitations present in the store, in the processes that affect the periods of waiting.

For this, it is recommended to plot a route that allows to measure the time from the moment the customer arrives to making the purchase, and propose solutions to streamline processes.

2. Focus on meeting expectations

The expectations of duration in expected to vary greatly depending on the type of product or service they are looking for. It is recommended to establish a balance between the time that your customers are willing to wait and the time taken by the process.

3. Streamline staff

Store personnel must be highly trained to be able to provide the information demanded by the client quickly and concisely.

4. Facilitates the processes

It is important to work on ensuring that the products are easy to locate and in the payment process as quick as possible.

5. Very colorful and nice

It is beneficial to have a decoration that was visually appealing, with screens, and other elements such as advertising messages. This will serve to entertain the clients and to achieve that the perception of the timeout is less.


It is shown that the customers are little patients at the time of having to wait additional time in the store, and that this is not a minor factor, because it can cause as much frustration as to adversely affect in decision making.

That is why it is very important decrease the waiting time of the customer, for this task, the technology can help, such is the case of the digital tool developed by Intelligenxia, called People count advanced level.

The use of this technology allows, among other things to know in-depth the customer experience, providing data is just as important as the route taken, as well as the time that remained in the box, and the store in general.



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