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Tribetailing: a tactic ideal to boost sales


In the quest to provide a more personalized experience to the customer, every time there are new trends. One of the most striking is undoubtedly the Tribetailing Discover here it is!

If you are a regular reader to our blog then you will understand what we mean when we say that the key that surrounds the trade retail today is the customization.

In almost any article you read will tell you the importance of achieving a experience personalized with your customersthis is due to the impact of the digital retail, which enables us to offer personalized content to mobile smart devices of your buyers.

What is it?

Tribetailing it is a term that refers to the tactical trading customize everything done. That is to say, from your ads to the design of your store. For example the logo of your brand and to your sales force, focused to a specific niche of customers.

Retailers that apply tribetailing are not in business to please the public in general, only focus on a particular niche of customers and direct their resources to cater to those customers.

The practice of Tribetailing helps retailers to form a deeper connection with your target audience, as the environment of the shop will speak directly with the client.

While inside a store, the designed experience is addressed to all clients alike, this approach retail offers new opportunities to obtain more detailed information sectored.

How do I apply it?

To put in practice the Tribetailing you can create accounts in social networks aimed to target customers. With this you can be sure that consumers who follow these accounts are those interested in your products or services.

This strategy ensures that users of social networks do not be flooded with branded content that are irrelevant to their interests.

Therefore, you can check out the various products available, and make special offers to buy. It is also advisable to assign a specific person to manage each one of your different accounts in social networks.

For example, a department store, you can keep a general account of Instagram, that displays content from brands and colourful fragments of advertisements. But at the same time, you can have a separate account for your new collections of style.

tendencias en retail

In this way, the consumers who follow that account, in particular, are those who are interested in new trends in home, beauty and fashion, by which the publications that are uploaded to it are relevant to their habits of consumption.

In the Tribetailing it is fundamental to the implementation of the contents in the app specifically targeted to your target audience.

Knowing the demographic group to influence it is possible to upload custom information that will be identified immediately.

Another example, corresponds to target publications according to the age of the consumer. In the cases in which it is pointing towards customers more young people it is advisable to use resources that you can easily identify.

While the segmentation it is quite useful, some global brands may have problems when they try to direct their tactics to complement the tribetailing.

The use of tactics such as the tribetailing can be a bit risky for retailers that have been unable to establish a portfolio of clients, as they would be turning away other potential clients.

However, this is a great tactic to build a solid relationship and lasting with customers, especially with the growth of e-commerce and brands online that compete strongly in the market.


With the use of the Tribetailing, you're not trying to please the general public or the masses. On the contrary, you're focusing on a particular niche and are serving the needs of them and only them.

This will allow you to identify your market, segmentarlo and attack with the goal of winning them and fidelizarlos to the point to get better income if concentraras all your resources on attracting customers in general.

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