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7 ways to generate income before you open your retail store

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Start a venture is not an easy task, especially due to the large investment is required, but not to worry! Here we teach you how to generate income before you open your retail store.

Do you dream of creating a new store retail is exciting, as is the possibility of realizing an idea that probably took you a long time. This process although it can be very rewarding, it is also long, and requires a large financial investment.

Among the most important steps to consider for to open a new store include rent, buy or build a physical spacein addition, it is necessary to cover the inventory of the goods necessary for the grand opening and we can not forget the design of the marketing strategies to arouse the interest of potential customers.

It all sounds very well, but all of the above translates into money, a lot of money to be able to materialize our ideas and begin to recover the capital later.

But fortunately there are some methods to generate income before you open your retail store, what is means an opportunity to earn income at the time where it is most needed.

Pay attention to the following ideas that will help you to produce a little bit of money before the formal opening of the new store.

1. Open an online store

Open a online store it is a great way to build a customer base  and get some cash before you begin with the physical store. It is actually a great strategy as it would be ahead of a trend in the retail sector in growth and worth keeping even after the opening.

The online store will serve as a preview of the catalog of products available to the customers who have come later and in person to the store. A good recommendation is to sell “gift card” or “Gift cards” for clients to be able to use them when finally the store to open its doors.

2. To create a delivery service

It is the search for alternatives to generate some cash to help us in the process, that is why it is advisable to have creative solutions such as the creation of a delivery service, also known as delivery.

You can take care of the delivery of the articles in case you do not have the necessary equipment, and processes to be feasible. You can also use delivery services and platforms that are already established.

3. Sell during the construction stage

If your local is under construction, you can allow buyers to enter and explore a limited supply of products before the grand opening. This gives potential customers a glimpse behind the scene of what is happening, and that soon it will become a reality.

tienda retail

For example, you can work in the case of a remodel, the use of the external spaces of the store while the inside is made of the construction, which will provide cash flow immediately without being fully installed.

4. Display your goods at fairs and markets

In this case, you can generate income before you open your retail store participating in events, fairs and local markets, which will allow you to display your brand and inform the buyers that are about the grand opening and to extend to you an invitation to her.

5. Generate an income through social networks

The social networks are another excellent way to access the e-commerce. Sellers can use the huge market of users of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, among others to sell their products directly to the customers.

6. Organizes a pre-sale

To begin generate income before you open your retail store you can also offer a private event, which contributes to sustain a relationship with the potential customers and also gives buyers a glimpse of what has for your brand.

Experts in the field recommend that you perform a exclusive event by invitation, where we offer from cocktails to live music and of course the guests exclusive access to buy at the store before anyone else.

7. Become a distributor of other stores

You can try temporarily the wholesale market, generating cash flow and brand recognition with your target customers. To do this, you sell some of your products more special to other shops and local retailers that cater to a similar audience.


Every beginning is difficult but  generate income before you open your retail store it can be a great support for the consolidation of a project in the retail sector. That is why it is important to take advantage of this stage not only to build a physical infrastructure, but also to go promoting the brand.

Regardless of who you're busy giving the final touches to your retail store, it is important to start to sell applying some of the strategies mentioned above to arouse the enthusiasm of the clients that they'll look forward to the day of the inauguration.

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